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 Dredg - Medic app

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PostSubject: Dredg - Medic app   Mon Aug 23, 2010 5:44 am

Name: Daniel - Dredg (ingame)

Age: 17

Class: Medic

Gear: Partially almost full epicly modded, somewhat full epic off hands. as the role of healing my off hand sets is: Heal nade - Frezny wave - prot wave (modded). still modding as I gain more upgrades. I run

Weapon of Choice: BioFeedback Beam

Do you have vent and a mic? Yes

Will you use the Forums? Absolutley

Will you be able to commit to the 8:30-11:00 pst time to AvA? Yes

If you are put on the B team, will you feel hurt or feel like rage quitting the game? Not at all, I take in concideration that I would have to prove myself for a spot on the A team. If not, no hard feelings, plenty players in the agency are pretty dam good.

How do you feel about recons? They hurt (if your not a tank assault)

If you were to carry the becon on breach, where would you set the becon? Probly somewhere knowone would find it/ near combat

If you die, should you: A. fly back B. wait for Sef to lay becon C. yell at Sef to drop the becon D. /suicide : Fly back if necessary or call for a beacon drop after death.

How do you feel about drewdiddy being in digitalsyn? No idea who he is.

You get rolled by pandemix and his duel daggers, what is your initial response? fml

Do you know Ksnacks? Should you know Ksnacks? nope and idk

What are your opinions on fizzling? ??

Someone accuses you of cheating, how will you answer? I would first laugh and i guess that would make me kinda feel pretty awsome knowing that i'd be as good as a cheater.

A player is calling you a dick and saying Vanquish is full of scrubs, How ill you respond? vanquish > you

Is Global Agenda an MMO or Shooter? hmm mmo 3rd person shooter..?

Have you played any other Shooters? Competatively? Combat Arms (similar to CoD) fps

Do you have any prior AvA expierience? Absolutley
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PostSubject: Re: Dredg - Medic app   Tue Aug 24, 2010 6:57 pm

Just an update - Ive gotten my whole AvA set off hands epic now and modded (rare atm) only thing am working on is my epic boost
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Dredg - Medic app
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