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 Garga's Application

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PostSubject: Garga's Application   Sat Jun 11, 2011 11:27 pm

Name: Gargahrensis

Age: 17

Primary Class: RECON

Preferred nickname/pronunciation of your name (leave this blank at your own peril): Garga (Gar-Ga)

Is your gear all Epics? Mixed? Please describe:
Mid tier. making my way to epic.

Weapon of Choice: Blade

Do you have Ventrilo and a mic?
I have a mic but no vent. Ill look into it.

If someone claims they are a female in voicechat, do you believe them?
Its very unlikely that they actually are female. Its more likely a guy (maybe some kid with a high pitched voice) pretending to be one. Anyway what would be wrong with a girl playing a video game? which is what im thinking this question is referring to.

Will you use our forums? Will you use them for something other than trolling?
Yes i will use the forums. trolling is for no-lifers but i have one so... yea.

Will you be able to commit to the 8:30-10:30 PST Monday through Thursday time for AvA?
yes. those are within my usual gaming hours

If you are put on the Second Team or not placed on a team at all, will you feel butthurt or feel like ragequitting the game?
I wont really mind. ill try my hardest all the same.

Are you a Pub Star?
no. dont even know what that is but im never the center of attention or the big shot. just a normal gamer.

How do you feel about recons?
I am one.... what are you saying!?! we suck!?! well guess what; im at the top of 40% of PvE/PvP game boards so dont even go there with that question. ok but seriously i dont like how other recons dont know how to do their job. Which is mainly locating enemy beacons and destroying robo setups and the occasional assassination of static medics. thats what i do at least.

If you die, should you: A. Fly back to the fight, B. Call for the robo to place the beacon, C. Yell at the robo to drop the beacon, preferably with several expletives included, or D. /suicide
none of the above. i need to take a new approach at combat. if my first method isnt working well then i need to change my strategy.

You get rolled by a meleecon and his dual daggers. How should you deal with him?
Im recon... so ill just snipe the fool.

What are your opinions on fizzling?
1. To make a hissing or sputtering sound.
2. Informal To fail or end weakly, especially after a hopeful beginning.
I dont like either one.

Someone accuses you of cheating/hacking. How will you respond?
I dont have to be a hacker. maybe im just more skilled.

You have to go to the bathroom during an AvA match. Do you: A. Ninja-AFK, B. Valiantly hold it until after the match, or C. RAID BUCKET?
im just gonna say B. i like the word valiant.

Is Global Agenda an MMO or a Shooter?
Massively Multiplayer Online or Shooter.... hmmm.... its more than just a shooter. MMO.

What is a "mangina"?
step brothers was a good movie. its what guys with small dongs want to have.

Have you played any other shooters? Competitively?
Yes. examples being COD, Halo, and TF2. I am competitive but not so competitive that it isnt fun anymore.

Do you have any prior AvA experience?
No, but there's a first time for everything.
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Garga's Application
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