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 Nearsighted's App.

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PostSubject: Nearsighted's App.   Wed Oct 06, 2010 9:15 pm

Name: Nearsighted (Cody)

Age: 18

Primary Class: Medic

Preferred nickname/pronunciation of your name (leave this blank at your own peril):

Is your gear all Epics? Mixed? Please describe: Yes

Weapon of Choice: SMG for poison, paingun for heal

Do you have Ventrilo and a mic? yes, yes

If someone claims they are a female in voicechat, do you believe them? sure??

Will you use our forums? Will you use them for something other than trolling? Yes, and no

Will you be able to commit to the 7:30-9:30 PST Monday through Thursday time for AvA? Yes

If you are put on the Second Team or not placed on a team at all, will you feel butthurt or feel like ragequitting the game? No i wouldn't, i dont mind what team.

Are you a Pub Star? I guess, a lot of people recognize my name

How do you feel about recons? Not my favorite class.

If you die, should you: A. Fly back to the fight, B. Call for the robo to place the beacon, C. Yell at the robo to drop the beacon, preferrably with several expletives included, or D. /suicide I would B. call for robo to place the beacon.

You get rolled by a meleecon and his dual daggers. How should you deal with him? block and poison if specced.

What are your opinions on fizzling? umm...fizzling?

Someone accuses you of cheating/hacking. How will you respond? Thanks, its a compliment to me that in their eyes, im just too good for them.

You have to go to the bathroom during an AvA match. Do you: A. Ninja-AFK, B. Valiantly hold it until after the match, or C. RAID BUCKET?
Hold until after match. or after strikeforce pops.
Is Global Agenda an MMO or a Shooter? both.

What is a "mangina"? A guy who has a vagina

Have you played any other shooters? Competitively? CS, mw2

Do you have any prior AvA experience? Filled in for AOD, Mercsquad, CodeKillaz, Failgency, zT
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PostSubject: Re: Nearsighted's App.   Sat Oct 09, 2010 4:06 am

Woot, he left the nickname blank! I vote new nickname: FOUR-EYES!!!
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Nearsighted's App.
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