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 Deitic App- 40 Tank/Dps(any launcher pref Longbow) Assault

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PostSubject: Deitic App- 40 Tank/Dps(any launcher pref Longbow) Assault   Sun Sep 19, 2010 7:37 pm

Name: Deitic
Age: 21
Class: Assault
Gear: Everything is Epics except for a green head and chest armor which will be epics as well shortly. Been having bad luck with loot >.>.
Weapon of Choice: Longbow for AoE spec, and Inferno for Tank spec.
Do you have vent and a mic? Yes
Will you use the Forums? I'm not as active in forums as i am in vent, but i do try and read all important announcements and events.
Will you be able to commit to the 8:30-11:00 pst time to AvA? Yes
If you are put on the B team, will you feel hurt or feel like rage quitting the game? No
How do you feel about recons? I play one and I'm fairly competent at it, usually having 16+ kills and no deaths as a snipercon. So i'd say a smart recon is a must in any team.
If you were to carry the beacon on breach, where would you set the beacon? Somewhere behind cover...not sure if you mean AvA breach or a merc Breach, if it's in AvA i would keep carrying it until I'm called to drop it for someone respawning.
If you die, should you: A. fly back B. wait for Sef to lay the beacon C. yell at Sef to drop the beacon D. /suicide I would call out for the beacon, i don't think i would yell unless he's partially deaf....
How do you feel about drewdiddy being in digitalsyn? No idea who he is.
You get rolled by pandemix and his duel daggers, what is your initial response? I don't think I'd get rolled by a meleecon but if i did i would laugh and cut my wrists.
Do you know Ksnacks? Should you know Ksnacks? No.....and should i?
What are your opinions on fizzling? Fizzling as in, failing? Or the sound? if its the sound it reminds me soda.
Someone accuses you of cheating, how will you answer? Probably ignore it.
A player is calling you a dick and saying Vanquish is full of scrubs, How ill you respond? Once again ignore it.
Is Global Agenda an MMO or Shooter? More of a MMO than shooter, but a has essences of both.
Have you played any other Shooters? Competatively? I was in CAL-I for CS:S however once it broke up and CEVO took over i left the NA CS:S leagues and have been playing in euro-ESL with some friends in europe. I have also played COD 4 Semi competitively.
Do you have any prior AvA expierience? I'm Fairly new to this game but the only agency i have been in so far is Failgency. Its a nice Agency however i don't think they exactly fit our style of play. I've been a member of their 1st SF for the current season of AvA, been looking around with my friend checking out AvA and how it works i think we're ready to move on to a more serious agency. I saw that you guys play at a later time which is perfect since something came up in my life forcing me to play later then usual.

I'm Also applying with my friend Ghalestorm if you'd like to talk to us just hit us up in-game anytime we're on.
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Deitic App- 40 Tank/Dps(any launcher pref Longbow) Assault
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