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 zores application for joining

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PostSubject: zores application for joining   Tue Sep 14, 2010 2:12 am

Gear:epic armour, half weapons are epic
Weapeon of Choice:magma lance
Do you have vent and a mic?yes
Will you use the Forums?yes
Will you be able to commit to the 8:30-11:00 pst time to AvA? yes
If you are put on the B team, will you feel hurt or feel like rage quitting the game?nope ill just try harder to be useful in the a team :p
How do you feel about recons?i dont like them much cause they flood the servers
If you were to carry the becon on breach, where would you set the becon?in a secure location next to the objective
If you die, should you: A. fly back B. wait for Sef to lay becon C. yell at Sef to drop the becon D. /suicide call out beacon
How do you feel about drewdiddy being in digitalsyn? dont know who he is
You get rolled by pandemix and his duel daggers, what is your initial response?i shoudl have used a shield better
Do you know Ksnacks? Should you know Ksnacks?nope im sure ill find out :p
What are your opinions on fizzling? thats how frankinstien gets freaky right?
Someone accuses you of cheating, how will you answer?thank you i must be doing somthing right
A player is calling you a dick and saying Vanquish is full of scrubs, How ill you respond?woudl ask them to play against us
Is Global Agenda an MMO or Shooter? both
Have you played any other Shooters? Competatively?yes,yes
Do you have any prior AvA expierience?did a couple runs with you guys to add stress to jagerbombs
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zores application for joining
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